Why “Keeping an Eye on AI” Resource Hub was Born?


Firstly, let me introduce myself.  I am Jay Tikam, a city professional in financial services turned entrepreneur and now following a deep interest in the world of artificial intelligence (AI) among other technology areas like Fintech (Financial Technology).  I believe that technology is a great leveler that can drive inclusion and global prosperity.  In my current venture (Vedanvi), we work with emerging markets to help them develop a Fintech ecosystem, with the aim of furthering financial inclusion. Artificial Intelligence is a revolutionary technology that promises to change the world as we know it today. 

The birth of “Keeping an Eye on AI” came about through my own curiosity and journey of discovery of this transformative technology. I’m excited by the potential that AI can bring and also curious about the risks and concerns expressed by many.   Each one of us will engage with the technology differently.  Some take a cautious approach, whilst others embrace its potential and find new ways to create, hopefully not just to profit but bring about meaningful change. 

I have created this website as a vehicle to document my journey of discovery in the world of artificial intelligence, by  “Keep an Eye on AI”.   My goal was to create a library of resources for those interested in Artificial Intelligence, so they can learn from my experience and be inspired by some of the remarkable advances that are happening in this field.

Through this blog, I also wanted to bring attention to the ethical considerations that come with Artificial Intelligence. It is important to understand not only how powerful this technology can be but also how it should be used responsibly and ethically. Additionally, “Keeping


Artificial intelligence has witnessed tremendous growth and adoption in recent years. According to Statista, the current market size of $100 billion is likely to grow to nearly two trillion US Dollars by 2030 and it will touch every industry and possibly every part of our lives in the future.  It is a movement that can’t be stopped or ignored.

Artificial intelligence has been in the making for decades now, with varying degrees of adoption until 2022. Statista reports a staggering growth in adoption rate between 2017 and 2018, leveling off since 2019. That is until the birth of Chat GPT opened the possibilities of AI not only for businesses but individuals.

Chat GPT has become a household name, and it intrigued me when my kids started to use it to do their homework and help them solve math problems. The adoption rate of AI has undoubtedly scaled exponentially just in a matter of a few months, from November 2022 to the time of writing this article. Its adoption is only going to increase at a rapid pace, and it will have an impact on our day-to-day lives. Some will find new riches through AI, while others may be displaced by this new technology. We may find new cures for cancer or find ways to protect our environment. The possibilities are endless.

Addressing Ethical & Other Concerns

However, as AI expands its reach, ethical concerns surrounding its use have also emerged. Many are concerned about the risk that the fast growth of AI poses to humanity. For example, AI can be used to unfairly profile people or create bias which can have significant consequences. Many officials around the world are (at the time of writing this article) considering how best to regulate the industry, if at all. Europe adopted its first-of-its-kind AI Act, prohibiting certain high-risk applications, whilst other countries take the approach of letting the industry develop unconstrained before imposing regulatory barriers.
The need to monitor and address these risk, regulatory and ethical challenges is another reason that led to the inception of “Keeping an Eye on AI” resource portal. I aim to track such developments and to educate myself and you about the ethical and harmful implications of AI and foster discussions on responsible AI development

Bridging the Knowledge Gap

The world of AI is vast and ever-evolving. New research, techniques, and applications emerge constantly. New applications emerge, and it’s interesting to keep track of new businesses emerging that use AI technologies in innovative ways. My blog and resource portal aims to bridge the knowledge gap and provide a centralized platform for learning and sharing information. I plan to curate valuable resources, articles, and updates to keep our readers well-informed about the latest trends and developments in the AI landscape.

Keeping up with Rapid Changes

The field of AI evolves at a rapid pace, making it challenging for individuals and organizations to stay up to date. My blog and resource portal aims to provide timely updates and information to help our readers navigate the dynamic landscape of AI. From breakthrough research papers to industry trends and practical applications, we strive to be a trusted source of information in the ever-changing world of AI.

Empowered Together

“Keeping an Eye on AI” was born out of the need to keep on top of the latest developments in artificial intelligence.  Its a place to track the vast amount of resources available for the use of this technology in day-to-day loves or to build things that bring about a meaningful and transformative change in society.  I aim to empower both you and me with the knowledge and resources we need to navigate the exciting and transformative world of AI.

Why not share your knowledge, thoughts, ideas, and resources by becoming a guest blogger?  Get in touch if you are interested, and I look forward to us learning together.

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